Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Elton John Wants to Go Out With a Bang: Announces Final 3 Year Tour

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Elton John announced today, in an event with Anderson Cooper, that he will retire from touring after nearly 50 years of being on the road nonstop.

John will say goodbye with a three year tour, called the “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.”

“It’s a way of saying thank you and it’s a way of going out with a bang. I don’t want to go out with a whimper, I want to go out with a big bang,” he said.

“I want to leave people thinking, I saw the last tour and it was fantastic,” he added.

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Raybeard said...

He's certainly lived a life of ups and downs and his decision here is the sensible one. I don't seriously expect to catch him on one of his final dates though I'd certainly like to.
The one time I did see him live was only briefly when he was doing a double bill at Wembley Stadium with Eric Clapton. Our 'chaperon' who'd bought the tickets thought it was Elton we'd want to see rather than his 'co-performer' so, assuming that he'd be taking the second, more 'celebrated' spot, it was suggested that we miss Clapton and just go in for the closing half. You can guess - that on that particular day they swapped, so we only caught E.J. singing his final song, then had to put up with E.C. twanging away and gruffly warbling, ciggie in mouth - what a BORE!

Eltie has, of course, already left a considerable positive legacy on pop music history. I'm hoping he'll enhance it further by yet more long-lasting, memorable compositions, his talents in that area still showing little sign of being dimmed.