Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Could Same-Sex Couples Soon Conceive a Baby Together?

NBC News reports:

A recent scientific development could lead to new infertility treatments and bring same-sex couples one step closer to conceiving a child with both their DNA.

Dr. Azim Surani, a prominent scientist at the University of Cambridge, said he and his colleagues made a major discovery in mimicking the way the body creates sperm from stem cells. During a conference in London last month, he discussed the results of his not-yet-published study. He claimed his team had witnessed embryonic cells undergo a process called “erasure” in a lab. 

If creating sperm and eggs from stem cells or skin cells does become a reality, it could have a profound impact on same-sex couples and heterosexual couples struggling with infertility. In theory, a skin cell from a woman in a same-sex relationship could be used to produce sperm, which could in turn be used to fertilize her partner’s egg.

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