Friday, November 24, 2017

Parents Group Sends Holiday Letters to LGBTQ Youth

NBC News OutFront reports:

“Happy holidays! This is your holiday mom! Well, if you want me to be your holiday mom. I’m not an important mom. I’m just another mom out in the world, but I’m a mom who really accepts you as you are, and celebrates you as you are.”

These are the words of Robin Rice, founder of Your Holiday Mom, a virtual letter writing service for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth on the holidays. Rice originally wrote them in a post on her Facebook page in 2010. She wanted to reach the thousands of LGBTQ youth whose parents don’t accept them. Her letter, now adapted into a video on her site, quickly went viral.

The letter’s popularity inspired Rice to create Your Holiday Mom in 2011. Every day between Thanksgiving and News Years, 40 moms and a few dads volunteer to pen a virtual letter to LGBTQ teens letting them know they are loved. This year, letters will reach over 23,000 subscribers. For many of them — young and old — the words of love and acceptance from strangers are life saving.

See full story here.

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