Sunday, December 10, 2017

'Traveling Butts' Couple Arrested in Thailand Released

Joseph and Travis Dasilva

The San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reports:

The San Diego couple spent time in a Thai jail for exposing their rears in front of a Buddhist temple.

It has been confirmed by San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that Travis and Joseph Dasilva are headed home to San Diego after spending over a week in a Thai jail for taking a picture with their bare backsides exposed in front of a sacred temple in Bangkok.

The couple created international headlines for the stunt and faced up to five years in Thai prison had they been convicted of additional charges including being nude in public at a religious site.

But sources close to the men and their family tell San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that the court threw out those charges and sent them back to immigration police to be processed for deportation.

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