Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Happy Birthday to MSNBC Reporter Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki was born today, August 22, in 1979. He is an American political reporter, writer, and television host. Kornacki is a national political correspondent for NBC News. 

He has written articles for Salon, The New York Observer, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, The Boston Globe, and The Daily Beast. Kornacki is the multimedia anchor and data analyst for MSNBC.

Kornacki was born in Groton, Massachusetts, and attended Boston University. He started his journalism career as a reporter for, a New Jersey political news site, where he worked from 2002-06. He formerly co-hosted a political news series at News 12 New Jersey and reported on the U.S. Congress for the newspaper Roll Call.

Beginning in 2016, Kornacki hosted a daily program from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., and frequently guest hosts on Hardball with Chris Matthews, All In with Chris Hayes and The Rachel Maddow Show.

In May 2017, Kornacki transitioned away from anchor duties at MSNBC and toward more franchise reporting for NBC News. He was named National Political Correspondent for NBC News Group, with plans to continue co-hosting the 4 p.m. edition of MSNBC Live with Nicolle Wallace.

In his new book coming out in the fall, The Red and the Blue,  Kornacki examines the political landscape of the 1990s by following the twin paths of Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, who exploited the weakened structure of their respective parties to attain the highest offices. He purports the effects set the stage for our current political landscape.

Kornacki came out in 2011 through a column in Salon.

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