Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Istanbul Police Break Up Sunday's LGBTQ Pride March

DW.com reports:

Police used tear gas, dogs and batons to push back crowds celebrating Istanbul's 16th gay pride march on Sunday [July 1, 2018]. People carrying rainbow flags and banners had been marching down the city's central Istiklal shopping street as part of the pride celebrations. Police had permitted the organizers to read a statement before being ordered to disperse. "We do not recognize this ban," they said, calling it "comical."

Riot police walk through an Istanbul street after dispersing LGBTQ supporters
"We do not obey, we do not shut up, we are not afraid," many chanted. Some people affected by tear gas washed their faces while others took shelter in the buildings along the side streets of Istiklal.

Istanbul's governor banned the march "unlawfully" for the fourth consecutive year, according to organizers. "The governor has once again committed a crime by discriminating against a specific part of society." The march was intended to fight "violence and discrimination" against the lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex community (LGBTI). 

See full story here. See below for posts from Twitter on the march.

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