Monday, June 18, 2018

Born Today In 1925, Actor Turned LGBTQ Rights Activist Robert Arthur

Robert Arthur was born today, June 18, in 1925. He was a film and television actor who appeared in dozens of movies in the 1940s and 1950s. After his death at age 83 on October 1, 2008, The Advocate remembered him as a baby-faced actor . . . who starred in classic films with Bing Crosby, Gregory Peck, and Ronald Reagan, that segued into the role of a gay rights activist.

Born Robert Paul Arthaud in Aberdeen, Washington, he served in the Navy and then went to Hollywood looking to become an actor. He was cast in bit parts in Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox films, including in such films as Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford (1945). He got what he considered his big break in the 1948 western Green Grass of Wyoming, part of the "My Friend Flicka" series.

Arthur appeared in the 1949 war film Twelve O'Clock High (with Gregory Peck) as the comic relief (right); played Sgt. McIllhenny in the 1951 Billy Wilder film Ace in the Hole (with Kirk Douglas); was in the 1952 musical Just for You with Bing Crosby, Jane Wyman and Natalie Wood; and appeared on the 1950s popular television program The Lone Ranger. Arthur was known for playing youthful teenage or young adult roles. He was also in Hellcats of the Navy with Ronald Reagan in 1957.

After numerous parts on television and more than 30 film roles, Arthur left acting in the 1960s, but did return to guess star as a minister who marries Jesse and Becky on the sit-com, Full House in 1991.

In his later years, Arthur became an LGBTQ activist. The Advocate reported: "It was as an activist for gay seniors that Arthur may be most fondly remembered." He established a nonprofit public-benefit corporation called Project Rainbow that aided gay and lesbian seniors. The former actor also was involved with the Log Cabin Republicans.

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Sooo-this-is-me said...

I never really heard of him before but probably saw him dozens of times in reruns. I will keep watch whenever one of these old films are playing. He certainly was cute.