Tuesday, March 06, 2018

LA Kings Hockey Team Celebrate LGBTQ Pride Night

The LA Kings ice rink was bathed in rainbow lighting as the Zamboni glides over the
ice prior to the Pride Night game on March 1. (Photo by Los Angeles Blade staff)
Los Angeles Blade reports:

“I came here to support hockey in the LGBT community,” said Jamison Lewis, 30, “and to watch my favorite team play.” Lewis, an LA native and ice hockey player himself was enthusiastic about the Kings’ second annual Pride Night at Staples Center. He attended with his boyfriend Michael Williams.

Mike Altieri, senior vice president of communications and team operations for the Kings would have been glad to know his team’s LGBT outreach efforts affected such loyal fans so positively.

Pride Night began “as part of the National Hockey League’s ‘Hockey Is For Everyone’ initiative,” said Altieri. What began as a single game “has now evolved into multiple games.”

The Kings, said
 Altieri “felt it was important to…drive awareness for the acceptance and inclusion of all individuals in our great sport of hockey.”

If the mood at Staples Center was any indication, hockey fans of all persuasions seemed to concur.

One example: public displays of affection. “The Kiss Cam is a random search of the crowd for willing participants,” said Altieri. A couple is framed by one of the numerous on-site video cameras. When the couple notices they are being shown on large screens hanging above the ice, they kiss. Several same-sex couples were featured and the auditorium responded with appreciative “Ooohs” and “Awwws.”

Kings players and coaches supported Pride Night. “All of our players,” said Altieri, “agreed to use Pride Tape on their sticks, and autographed commemorative LA Kings Pride jerseys that were auctioned off to benefit local LGBTQ organizations.”

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