Sunday, December 10, 2017

NPR Interviews 'Ricky Graves' Author James Han Mattson

NPR reports:

In a new novel, Ricky Graves is a young man coming to terms with his sexual orientation in a small New Hampshire town. He's tormented by a jerk named Wesley, until Ricky kills him — and then himself.

The news media descend. And after they've gone on to the next sad crime, Ricky's pregnant sister, Alyssa, returns to the town she fled so that she and her shattered mother can get a hold on the terrible event that has taken two lives, and understand the son and brother they loved.

The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves is an Amazon Best Book of the Month for December, a novel partly told by emails and chat-room dialogues. It's James Han Mattson's first novel — he's a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop who now teaches writing at The George Washington University.

See full story here and to listen to the NPR interview of Mattson by Scott Simon (also available on the player below) where they discuss the book and Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign.

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