Friday, December 22, 2017

Instagram Account Combines Beefcake and Personal Gay History Lesson

Mike Balaban's friend, Jackie Yordan, originally from Puerto Rico, on the boardwalk in Fire Island Pines.
Hornet reports:

Instagram is full of thirsty content. Many users on the popular image sharing social media platform have discovered the quickest way to get more followers and likes is to show some skin. (We’re not complaining.) However, once and a while there is an account that combines thirst with meaningful content, and that is what you have with Mike Balaban. His account @bammer47 is the gay history lesson we all need.

Balaban’s feed currently has approximately 5,400 followers but is quickly growing as more and more people stumble upon him. His beautiful photography is paired with powerful captions that capture his gay experiences from years long gone. Nostalgia paired with beefy men in short shorts is a recipe for Insta-success.

Through his eyes, viewers pay witness to an important piece of queer history through his re-telling of one-night stands, trips to far off places and friendships with men who later lost their lives to HIV.

Balaban also has a blog, Capturing Rainbows. There, too, he features his captivating photography in blog posts paired with information for people to understand the history that came before them.

See full story here and a sample from the Instagram account below.

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