Friday, December 22, 2017

Homophobic Roy Moore Attempts to Gain Points by Posting about Doug Jones's Gay Son

The Mary Sue reports:

In an almost impressive (but ultimately just embarrassing) display of stubbornness, Roy Moore still refuses to concede the Alabama Senate race. Nine days after his loss, he’s still holding out hope that he’ll be able to sneak his way into office. He’s been sharing articles on his Facebook page–which, by the way, still reads “Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate”–about voter fraud and those darn “Muslims and Marxists” that voted for Doug Jones.

But he also posted another article (since removed) that was clearly meant to be a jab at Jones: an interview with his son, who is gay.

The thing is, pointing out the fact that someone has a gay son is only embarrassing or insulting if you’re a bigoted trash monster. Which, of course, Roy Moore very much is.

See full story here.

Think Progress reports:

Wednesday evening [Dec. 20, 2017], Moore shared an article from the LGBTQ magazine The Advocate featuring an interview with Carson Jones, the gay son of Doug Jones, the Democrat who bested Moore in the election. Carson is a 22-year-old zookeeper who lives in Denver and has little to do with the election aside from being Doug’s son. Given Moore’s long history of virulently anti-gay remarks, including support for recriminalizing sodomy, sharing the article seemed an attempt to further demonize Jones. Though LGBTQ activists were quick to respond to Moore’s post, many supporters clearly took the bait...

See the Think Progress article here.

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A vile human being