Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Birthday to Out Indian Actor, Film Maker Nakshatra Bagwe

Nakshatra Bagwe was born today, December 11, in 1990. He is an Indian actor and award-winning film maker. His films Logging Out, Book of Love, Curtains, PR (Public Relations), and When the Circus Came to Town represent current LGBT life in India. 

Bagwe hails from Konkan coastal region. Masure, Malvan is his native village.

He is a well-known LGBT rights activist and was also a part of the organizing team of Gujarat’s first ever pride march. He also spearheaded and participated in other pride marches, sometimes marching with his mother, Swati Bagwe. They both were featured in a popular Indian television show Satyamev Jayte

He first came out when he participated in Asia’s first LGBT flashmob. He also participated in second queer flashmob that happened at Dadar station, Mumbai. 

As part of his LGBT activism, Bagwe posed nude for an ad campaign named 'Breaking Closets,' which was designed to raise awareness about LGBT and bullying issues in India. 

He won Kashish – Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in 2012 for his debut film Logging Out. It also won the Kashish Coffee Break Audience Choice Award. was a part of Queer India European tour in 2012 to raise awareness about LGBT issues in Indian.

In July 2014, Bagwe became the brand ambassador of Moovz, a global social network for LGBT community. Bagwe is the first and only openly Indian LGBT person to get an endorsement deal for any brand. In July 2016, he was declared as 'the hottest desi gay rights activist' by an online poll.

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