Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Defeated Homophobe Roy Moore's Views Not that Far Outside the Mainstream

Recently defeated Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore views about LGBTQ people are not that far from a fair amount of other Americans. 

The Washington Post reports:

In 2005, Moore told journalist Bill Press that he thought that “homosexual conduct should be illegal.”

Twelve years later, that position seems somewhat hard to fathom. But at the time, it was a contentious issue that Gallup polling indicated had about as many adherents as those who felt that same-sex relations should be legal.

What’s remarkable about that graph, though, is that, as of May this year, 23 percent of Americans still think that same-sex relationships should be illegal. Whether Moore is among them is not clear; his campaign didn’t answer CNN’s question on that subject. But given that one in five Americans think that such relationships should be illegal, it would not be surprising if Moore were still among them.

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