Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Countdown: Steve Grand Sings 'All I Want for Christmas'

With another version of "All I Want for Christmas, it is Steve Grand, a singer, songwriter, and model from Lemont, Illinois. He became an overnight Internet celebrity and the music video of his first hit "All-American Boy" went viral on YouTube in 2013.  Buzzfeed ranked the video on its list of the "24 Most Brilliant Music Videos from 2013" and Out magazine named Grand to its annual "Out100" list of the year's most compelling LGBT people.

Prior to launching his musical career, Grand modeled under a number of pseudonyms; he was a cover model for Australia's DNA magazine in 2011. He played piano at four Chicago-area churches and at various clubs in Chicago, most notably The Joynt in downtown Chicago, until 2013.

On July 2, 2013, Grand uploaded a music video for his song "All-American Boy" to YouTube—producing it himself. The video almost immediately went viral. Just 8 days later, "All-American Boy" had more than 1 million views. The song, set against a backdrop of country roads, an American flag and friends around a campfire, tells the story of a young man in love with a heterosexual male friend. Grand recorded the vocals in his parents' basement and maxed out his credit card to self-fund the video.

Since releasing his first album, Steve has travelled across the United States performing at Gay Pride Fesitvals and supporting gay causes.

By age 13, he had come to the realization that he was gay and struggled to gain acceptance of his sexuality within his Catholic family and faith. He came out to friends starting in eighth grade. When his parents learned he was gay, they encouraged him to seek counseling that would last 5 years.

In May 2017, Steve was named the #3 most eligible Gay Bachelor by Out Magazine.

You can follow Steve on social media -- Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @SteveGrandMusic and visit his Website at

The boyfriend in the Christmas video is actor and director Trevor LaPaglia - Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @OhhhTrev 

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