Saturday, December 02, 2017

Christmas Countdown: Jay Brannan Sings 'Dear Santa'

Starting today, and going on until Christmas Day, the Gay Almanac will be highlighting an LGBTQ artist with a holiday performance.

First up is Jay Brannan, who is a talented singer-songwriter and actor. He was born in Texas and briefly studied in Ohio, but moved to California to become an actor. Brannan appeared in the 2006 John Cameron Mitchell indie movie, Shortbus, which included one of his songs, "Soda Shop," in its soundtrack, and began to build a fan base by performing on YouTube. He released an EP and acted in Holding Trevor in 2007. Since then, he has toured and released a string of albums. Visit his Website at


Raybeard said...

I saw 'Shortbus' in the year of its release but, unsurprisingly perhaps, I don't recall this fellow in it. I'd love to see it again as I rated it my #2 film of 2006. (And, since you'rE asking, my top film of that year was 'The History Boys').

BlogMarkBlog said...

Jay has a very graphic scene in the movie, which I'm sure you remember was full of graphic scenes :)

Raybeard said...

I do indeed recall there being a number of 'graphic' scenes in 'Shortbus', TGA. So this chappie participated, did he? All the more reason to see it once more and to be 'shocked' all over again. ;-)