Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Austrian Court Rules Same-Sex Couples Can Marry... But Not Until 2019

Scott Barbour/Getty Images
This story is about Austria...not to be confused with Australia, which has recently been in the news regarding same-sex marriage.

The Independent reports:

Austria's Constitutional Court has decided that same-sex couples will be allowed to marry by the beginning of 2019, ruling that the existing laws are discriminatory.

The move brings Austria into line with many other European nations including Germany, France, Britain and Spain.

Same-sex couples in Austria have been allowed to enter legal partnerships since 2010, but until now have not been able to marry.

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Raybeard said...

I never knew this. I'd assumed that Austria, having a more conservative-minded electorate than most other mid- and west-European countries, it would be one of the last to hold out in the name of 'traditionalism'. So that if this comes about it will leave, in this part of the world, only Italy as the odd-one-out - though with the threat of the return of Berlusconi (Gawd help us!) it well may be some time yet before that country sees sense.