Sunday, December 31, 2017

Australia Welcomes 2018 with Rainbow Fireworks to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage

The Evening Standard reports:

A crowd of one million were treated to spectacular New Year celebrations in Sydney Harbour as they gathered to watch the city’s famous fireworks.

And as the New Year was rung in with rockets shooting of the landmark Sydney Harbour Bridge, the display did not disappoint.

The sky above the harbour was illumined with colour as crowds of revellers marked the start of 2018.

A rainbow waterfall firework was shot off the bridge, celebrating recently passed legislation legalising gay marriage in Australia.

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Raybeard said...

A most happy 2018 to you and yours, TGA - or, at the very least, an improvement on the year just making its exit (assuming you're one of the many[?] who'll be glad to see the back of it!). 'See' you next year.