Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Will Voters Elect a Gay Judge to the Texas Supreme Court?

Judge Steven Kirkland and his husband Mark Parthie
The Houston Press reports:

It was when the Texas Supreme Court justices reversed themselves on benefits to same-sex partners, that Harris County District Judge Steven Kirkland decided he'd had enough.

Just the year before those exact same nine judges had upheld a ruling that the City of Houston could provide the benefits. But now, apparently bowing to political pressure, they’d changed their judicial minds.

So 57-year-old Kirkland, known as the gay judge, knowing that a statewide campaign would open old wounds about his alcoholism despite him being sober for 25 years, and realizing that not everyone in Texas would be happy about an avowed homosexual on the state’s highest civil court, decided he was going to run for a seat on that flip-flopping panel.

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