Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Everett Klippert: Last Canadian Jailed for Being Gay

Today the Canadian Government is issuing an apology to all the LGBT men and women fired from Federal jobs or imprisoned just because of their sexual orientation. Here is one of their stories.

CBC News reports:

On the morning of Aug.16, 1965, in Pine Point, N.W.T., the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] began looking into a suspicious fire.

By lunch, they had a suspect — Everett Klippert, a 39-year-old mechanic's helper who moved to town a year before.

That afternoon, officers brought Klippert to the Hay River detachment for further questioning. In less than a few hours they determined Klippert had nothing to do with the fire. But he had told officers something that would keep him in custody for the next six years.

Klippert told them he was gay. 

See his full story here.

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