Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Australia Overwhelmingly Votes YES for Same-Sex Marriage!

Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten celebrates in Melbourne (Photo: Scott Barbour, Getty Images)
USA Today reports:

Australians have said they support gay marriage in a postal survey that ensures the Parliament considers a bill to legalize same-sex weddings this year.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday 62% of registered adults who responded had voted for the reform in an unprecedented two-month survey.

The conservative government had promised to allow the Parliament to consider a bill to create marriage equality in Australia in its final two-week session that is due to end on Dec. 7.
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Raybeard said...

A day which deserve to be celebrated and commemorated every year from now, the only 'spoilers' in the air being the threats from the Antis to demand the right to discriminate - on religious grounds, naturally! - which they well might get as a sop to their blatant prejudices. Still needs watching on this, but otherwise, three or more cheers for a happy, happy, landmark day!