Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Opens Conference with Flamboyant Interpretive Dance

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LGBTQ Nation reports:

MassResistance is one of the most vociferously anti-LGBT hate groups in the nation. At the recent Values Voters Summit in Washington DC, the group included their “important new book” called The Hazards of Homosexuality.

But when they opened their Teens4Truth conference, they had no idea what to expect – literally. “I don’t know what he’s doing actually,” says the man introducing him.

If they had, it’s doubtful that organizers would have allowed the young man, dressed in the traditional conservative Christian garb of a blue Oxford and dark dress khakis, to strut out on stage with colorful flags to do an interpretive dance to the Christian music hit “The List” featuring lyrics like “Love keeps no record of wrongs.”

Or maybe they would have. After all, it’s not as if they have a keen eye for their own hypocrisy and double standards.

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Raybeard said...

Hmmmmm. I think he long outstays his welcome (if he ever deserved one) - which is precisely what I bet just about all his audience thought - GET OFF! Still, nice to see a bit of colour added to the drab proceedings.