Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gay Almanac Media Round-Up for October 17, 2017

The Advocate: Star Trek Introduces Its First Gay Couple to the Universe

Star Trek: Discovery has boldly gone where no Star Trek show has gone before.

The CBS: All Access drama introduced a gay couple to its audience Sunday — a first in the long-running television franchise.

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From Outsport: Captain of Virginia Military Institute swim teams comes out as gay
John Kim

The night before my life completely changed, I sat in my room exhausted from a full day of classes and swim practice at Virginia Military Institute. As thousands of other things went through my mind, I kept saying to myself that tomorrow was the day, 
How are my teammates going to react? How are they going to treat me after this? What are other people at school going to think? How is the rest of my family going to react? What are my roommates going to say?
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NBC Out: Gay Geeks': An Online Utopia for LGBTQ Gamers, Comic Fans and Trekkies

Alex Garcia (right) and his husband, Billy Conwell, dressed up as Rick and Morty for Halloween 2016.
Alex Garcia was a self-described late-bloomer. Yet even after he finally started meeting gay friends five years after coming out, he still didn't feel like they had anything in common beyond being attracted to men.

“For me, it was about wondering ‘Are there other gays like me?’” he said. Gay people "that are really into video games, really into comic books, really into things like 'Star Trek'?”

The Seattle resident ended up taking to Facebook to start a group he’d call “Gay Geeks.” He wanted to see if there might be a few other people out there who are gay and also geeky.
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LGBTQ Nation: How did ‘gay’ come to mean ‘homosexual’?
New York Public Library
When I was in high school, my civics teacher complained that homosexuals “stole” the word gay.

I have no idea why he was talking about that, but he’s not alone. To listen to some straight people, it’s like they think that all the gays got together one day and voted on a word to replace “homosexual.” When “gay” got the most votes, we all laughed maniacally about how we were stealing straight people’s awesome word.

In reality, language doesn’t work that way.

“Gay” came into English from French in the 13th century and meant “merry.” By the 17th century, according to Merriam-Webster, the word had taken on a second, sexual meaning: “rakish,” or sexually immoral.

This meaning led to expressions like “gay blade,” which is, as the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, “a dashing or lively man; a rake.”

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Raybeard said...

I've always thought it strange that so many (still even now) object to the use of the word 'gay' in this context - usually saying that it has another already established meaning - and yet they don't raise any protest against other words with other meanings when used disparagingly - fairy, flower, queer etc etc which have been used for much longer, even centuries, and no one's batted an eyelid. The underlying objection they have is, of course, that they want homosexuals only talked about in terms which convey an insult - and the word 'gay' confounds this. Too bad for them. Learn to live with it!