Friday, October 27, 2017

Egyptian Lawmakers Propose to Outlaw Homosexuality

From Hornet:

We have just received word that an Egyptian member of parliament — along with 14 other members — has just proposed a new anti-gay law in the African nation. We’ve been told the language of the homophobic Egyptian law itself is rather derogatory as well, labeling gays and lesbians as “perverts” in Arabic.

One month ago, on Sept. 25 in Cairo, seven people were arrested for raising a rainbow flag at a concert by the Lebanese group Mashrou’ Leila (the lead singer of which is openly gay). The people detained were charged with “promoting sexual deviancy” after being caught on camera with the flag. Since then many more have been arrested as part of an Egyptian crackdown on gay and transgender people.

Currently, homosexuality isn’t illegal by name in Egypt, though it’s still common for gays to be arrested and charged with vague crimes like “debauchery,” “immorality” and “blasphemy.”

Tourism is of course a significant source of revenue for Egypt, crucial to the nation’s economy. About 12% of Egypt’s workforce serves approximately 14.7 million visitors, and provides revenue of nearly $12.5 billion. As one government reported, Egypt may now face travel warnings specific to LGBT tourism.

See full story here, including the text of the proposed law. 

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Raybeard said...

Very much reflects what happened in India a few years ago, though that was more of a reversion to an 'unfortunate' part of history through default of it being left uncorrected, whereas this situation in Egypt is yet more scary at being purposely designed in being a regressive move. Strange and upsetting that at a time when so much of 'Western' society has leapt forward in progressive moves on this subject (albeit with great current apprehension of going backward under the Trump) in other parts of the world the massive and relatively sudden return to discrimination and (re-)criminalisation goes on at frightening pace. Damn frightening.