Thursday, October 19, 2017

Born Today in 1921: 1950s B Movie Star George Nader

George Nader was born today, October 19, in 1921. He was a B-film and television actor. He appeared in a variety of films, primarily in the 1950s, including Phone Call from a Stranger, Congo Crossing, and The Female Animal.

After minor roles in several films, Nader's first starring role was in Robot Monster in 1953, a 3-D feature. Although the film is remembered primarily for its "camp" attributes as "one of the worst films ever made," it was financially successful, and led to more prominent roles in other films. 

In 1955, he won a Golden Globe Award for "Most Promising Newcomer." After appearing in a variety of movies in the 50s, Nader moved into regular television roles in the late 50s, appearing in several short-lived series.

Mark Miller
Although Nader was not openly gay during his film career, he generally didn't feign relationships with women to conceal it, instead deflecting that he hadn't met "the right one." He lived with Mark Miller, whom he met in 1947 while they were acting in a play together.

Miller worked as Rock Hudson's personal secretary from 1972 until the star's death, and the couple inherited the interest from Hudson's estate after his death from AIDS complications in 1985. Nader publicly acknowledged his own sexual orientation shortly afterward. Hudson biographer Sara Davidson described Nader, Miller, and another person as "Rock's family for most of his adult life."
Rock Hudson and George Nader

Nader died of cardio-pulmonary failure, pneumonia, and multiple cerebral infarctions on February 4, 2002. Nader was survived by Miller. They had spent 55 years together as life partners.