Monday, September 25, 2017

Tunisia to Stop Forced Anal Exams of Suspected Gays

Former Tunisian Femen activist Amina Sboui (C) and members of Tunisian "Shams" association for the decriminalisation of homosexuality, wait before a press conference to support a 22-year-old man accused of engaging in homosexual acts and sentenced to a year in prison following an anal examination on. (photo credit:FETHI BELAID/AFP)

From the Jerusalem Post by Benjamin Weinthal--

Tunisia's government pledged Thursday to cease anti-LGBT sexually intrusive procedures in order to bring the North African country's legal system into compliance with international human rights laws.

The procedures imposed forced anal examinations on men suspected of engaging in homosexual relations. Tunisia still, however, punishes homosexuality with a 3-year prison sentence.

Volker Beck, a German Green Party MP, who played a decisive role in legalizing gay marriage in Germany this year, told The Jerusalem Post Monday: "State anal examinations are an inhuman act and violate the torture ban. Also, the ban against homosexuality violates the UN's International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights."

Beck, who has demonstrated in Russia for LGBT rights, said "the EU must in its discussions with Tunisia press for compliance with human rights."

Authorities can still perform the anal tests on men suspected of being gay, Ben Gharbia told AFP, but "these exams can no longer be imposed by force, physical or moral, or without the consent of the person concerned." He declined to cite a date as to when the new policy against the tests would be implemented.

The minister said judges can demand that a man undergo the test, "but that person has every right to refuse, without his refusal being held up as proof of homosexuality."

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