Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Countdown: Bob's Burgers Cast Sings 'Twinkly Lights'

Hornet reports you might want to watch last Sunday's epidode of Bob's Burgers -- "it was a good one:"

The episode, entitled “The Bleakening,” is the show’s first hour-long episode, and (unsurprisingly) a musical. It features a subplot where the town’s gay bar, The Wiggle Room, closes. Naturally, that means that this episode’s going to focus on its queer characters. In this case, brunch-blogger Dalton Crespin (voiced by John Early) and trans sex workers Marbles and Marshmallow (voiced by Jack McBrayer and David Herman respectively.)

Without going into too much detail, the episode climaxes in a queer rave. The gorgeously animated set piece features a drag queen singing a disco-glam Christmas song. Miss Triple X-Mas, known the rest of the year as Cleavage to Beaver, is voiced by Matt Berninger of the National. And her song, “Twinkly Lights” is catchy, funny and above all, warmly moving — sort of like Bob’s Burgers itself. In the outro above, the song features out actor John Roberts who does the voice of Linda Belcher. 

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Bob's Burgers is on the Fox network Sunday nights and is also available streaming on Hulu and the Fox TV app, Fox Now and at

Here's another preview below.

Defeated Homophobe Roy Moore's Views Not that Far Outside the Mainstream

Recently defeated Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore views about LGBTQ people are not that far from a fair amount of other Americans. 

The Washington Post reports:

In 2005, Moore told journalist Bill Press that he thought that “homosexual conduct should be illegal.”

Twelve years later, that position seems somewhat hard to fathom. But at the time, it was a contentious issue that Gallup polling indicated had about as many adherents as those who felt that same-sex relations should be legal.

What’s remarkable about that graph, though, is that, as of May this year, 23 percent of Americans still think that same-sex relationships should be illegal. Whether Moore is among them is not clear; his campaign didn’t answer CNN’s question on that subject. But given that one in five Americans think that such relationships should be illegal, it would not be surprising if Moore were still among them.

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U.K. Fans More Accepting than U.S. Fans of Out LGBT Soccer Players

Forbes reports:

A poll of 50,000 soccer fans on LGBT inclusion and homophobic abuse in soccer, the largest ever poll of its type, found that just 63% of American soccer fans would be comfortable if a player in the national team came out as gay or bisexual.

The poll was conducted by LGBT rights charity Stonewall and live score app Forza Football. Its results shatter many media perceptions about U.S. soccer.

Soccer fans in the U.S. are largely seen as progressive, whereas in the U.K., British soccer fans are often portrayed as Neanderthal thugs. However, according to this latest survey, 80% of almost 4,000 British soccer fans, but only 63% of 7,732 American fans, would be comfortable with a national team player coming out as gay.

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Happy Birthday to Australian Singer Anthony Callea

Anthony Callea was born today, December 13,1982. He is an Australian singer-songwriter and stage actor who rose to prominence after being the runner-up in the 2004 season of Australian Idol. Callea's debut single "The Prayer" is the fastest-selling single by an Australian artist, held the No.1 spot on the ARIA (Australian) Singles Chart for 5 weeks, a record for the debut single of an Australian Idol contestant, and was the second-highest selling Australian single of the last decade.

Callea has accumulated a string of awards including an ARIA Music Award, Channel V Artist of the Year, Pop Republic Artist of the Year, MTV Viewers' Choice Award, Variety's Young Entertainer of the Year, MO Award, and a Gospel Music Award, and is known for his powerful trained voice and his versatility in a range of genres in releases and live performances. 
Callea with husband Tim Campbell
// Getty Images

In March 2007, after speculation and tabloid rumours dating back to his Idol appearances, Callea publicly acknowledged that he is gay by issuing a statement confirming his sexuality and thanking his fans and his then-partner, Paul.

"Yes, I am gay," Callea said. "I have no issue with my sexuality now, but it's taken time to become confident with who I am and happy with who I am. I'm comfortable enough to come clean now. It's a weight off my shoulders".

In February 2008, he and actor/singer Tim Campbell confirmed that they were in a relationship. They were married in New Zealand in November 2014.

Happy Birthday to Out Swedish Footballer Anton Hysén

Glenn Anton Hysén was born today, December 13, in 1990. He is a Swedish footballer who plays in the Swedish Football Division 2 for Torslanda IK, as a defender.

He is a former member of the Swedish under-17 team and was given a trainee contract with BK Häcken from 2007 to 2009, but was hindered by injuries and instead joined Utsiktens BK in 2010.

In 2014, he played with the American fourth division team Myrtle Beach FC. In 2015, he signed with Torslanda IK.

Anton Hysén came out as gay to the Swedish football magazine Offside in March 2011. Daily Mail has described Anton as the "first high-profile Swedish footballer to announce that he is gay" and as the second active professional football player to come out, after English footballer Justin Fashanu in 1990. 

Off the Ball reports:

[Hysén], who is the son of ex-Liverpool and Sweden defender Glenn Hysén and brother to former Swedish international Tobias Hysén  was playing in the fourth division at club side Utsiktens BK at the time, and his interview with Offside magazine made global news. In 2012, he went on to win the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing.

In the intervening years, Los Angeles Galaxy's Robbie Rogers and ex-Everton, Aston Villa and Germany midfielder Thomas Hitzelsperger (after his retirement) have since come out in a sport in which there have been few openly gay players.

The reaction to Hysén since coming out has been overwhelmingly positive across the football world, although there has been a small minority who take a less welcoming view.

"I've heard some people in the stands saying some things like 'stop playing like a girl or something,'" he said.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Doug Jones Edges Out Homophobic Child Molester to Win Alabama Senate Seat

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)
The Washington Post reports:

Democrat Doug Jones has won the special election to fill a Senate seat in Alabama, according to exit polls and returns – a shocking upset in a solidly Republican state, in which massive turnout among African American voters helped defeat a candidate enthusiastically backed by President Trump [Roy Moore].

The Associated Press called the race at 10:23 p.m. Eastern time. 

Jones becomes the first Democrat elected to the Senate from Alabama since 1992. The Senate seat came open when Trump chose former Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to become attorney general earlier this year.

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Happy Hanukkah! The Boston Gay Men's Chorus Sings 'Boogie Woogie Chanukah'

We are pausing our Christmas Countdown to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah!! Chanukah? 

Time reports:
As little as about five years ago, the top spelling choice on the Internet was Chanukah. But times are changing, even in the way the Jewish holiday of lights is celebrated and understood, and the Hanukkah spelling has gone mainstream. So, if you like to slightly buck the trend and go old school, Chanukah is your spelling.
With both correct, and about 14 others technically correct too, rest assured that you’ve got a pretty good shot at getting the spelling right. Whether you’re in tune with the latest spelling trend will be an entirely different story.
"Boogie Woogie Chanukah" is performed by the Boston Gay Men's Chorus in 2012, recorded live at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory. Reuben M. Reynolds III Music Director -- Chad Weirick, Principal Accompanist & Assistant Music Director.

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Federal Judge Orders Immediate Halt to Military Transgender Ban

Three of the plaintiffs in the Washington case opposing Trump's transgender ban.

Metro Weekly reports:

A federal court in Seattle has ordered an immediate halt to the Trump administration’s plan to ban transgender people from serving openly in the U.S. Armed Forces. Going forward, the White House and Pentagon will be prohibited from moving to exclude out transgender service members and recruits until the case is resolved in the federal courts.

U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman, of the Western District of Washington, ruled in favor of a request from Lambda Legal and OutServe-SLDN asking for an injunction to stop the Pentagon from taking actions inconsistent with the Obama-era policy, currently in effect, allowing transgender individuals to serve openly.

Pechman ruled that, without the injunction, transgender service members would suffer irreparable harm. She also found that the plaintiffs, including several transgender active duty service members, are likely to succeed in convincing the court that the Trump administration acted unlawfully when it attempted to issue a blanket-ban excluding all transgender individuals, regardless of their qualifications, from serving.

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What Will It Take to Get a Gay Character in Star Wars?

Vanity Fair reports:

As the audience rose to applaud at Rogue One’s 2016 world premiere, Joshua Yehl remained in his seat, sobbing so hard his body shook. Yehl had spent a lifetime lining up for Star Wars showings with his best friend Drew Leinonen. But this year, for the first time, he was alone. Leinonen had been shot to death six months prior, one of the 50 victims of Omar Saddiqui Mateen’s brutal attack on an Orlando gay club.

After the massacre, Yehl had petitioned Lucasfilm to introduce a gay Star Wars character in tribute to Leinonen. #PutDrewInStarWars amassed nearly 12,000 signatures, an endorsement from Mark Hamill, and extensive global coverage. One journalist invited Yehl to the premiere of Rogue One—where, despite being “an absolute mess of nerves,” Yehl introduced himself to Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy.

“She had heard of my petition,” Yehl recalls. “She said she would consider putting a gay character in Star Wars if it was the right story and the right time.”

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Randy Rainbow's Skewers Homophobic Child Molester Roy Moore

Today is the special Alabama Senate election to fill the vacant seat left by Jeff Sessions. The race is between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican homophobic child molester Roy Moore. 

The good people of Alabama have a clear choice, but YouTube legend Randy Rainbow helps to clarify this choice even further like nobody else. Rainbow is a national treasure!

He is a comedian, YouTube actor, singer and writer based in New York City. Rainbow—his real name—is most notable for writing, editing, and starring in a series of humorous YouTube viral videos. In his earlier work, he stages fake phone conversations with famous people by editing real audio clips of those celebrities. 

Rainbow gained audience during the 2016 American Presidential campaign, with a series of spoof interviews and musical parodies skewering the election process, the goofs and scandals, and the candidates - especially Donald Trump and his cadre. Trump has continued to provide satirical fodder for Rainbow. 

To see more of his genius, visit his Website at